At American Non Stop Label Corp,
We Produce Only the Highest Quality Flexographic Labels

We are a Pressure Sensitive Label Manufacturer who has been producing the highest quality, most competitively priced flexographic labels available for more than 32 years.

Our commitment to exceeding our clients expectations and our determination to stay on the cutting edge of technology has made us an influential force in our industry and a leader among our peers.

With over 3,000 standard and custom dies in stock, and our ability to produce tooling in-house, we can accommodate any size or shape our clients may need.  

We’ve built our production workflow to continually improve our efficiency, which enables us to meet our clients needs with minimal lead times.

Together We Can Accomplish Anything.

At American Non Stop Label Corp, we continually work hard to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and advancing innovations so we can stay ahead of our competition, and be a leader the flexographic label industry. Every day we focus on improving the quality of our products, and on delivering greater sustainability and value for our clients.

Our facilities are conveniently located near Los Angeles and Orange counties in southern California.